get file extension using Python

import os

have = os.listdir()

for i in have:
name, extension = os.path.splitext(i)
print name, extension


.ipynb_checkpoints ext:
Chinese-Sentiment ext:
corenlp-python ext:
corenlp.tar ext: .gz
extract ext:
k-means ext: .ipynb
neg ext: .csv
neg ext: .txt
neg ext: .xls
new_model ext:
new_model2 ext:
pos ext: .csv
pos ext: .txt
pos ext: .xls
Sentiment-Analysis ext:
sentiment ext: .ipynb
sentiPY ext:
snownlp ext:
test100 ext: .ipynb
Untitled ext: .ipynb
Untitled1 ext: .ipynb
Untitled2 ext: .ipynb
use_analysis ext: .csv
week1 ext: .csv
week31_divided(no_use_in_model) ext: .csv
wtf ext:

validate folder


for i in have:
if os.path.splitext(i)[-1]=='':

return folder​


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