A Image Crawler I wrote Added GUI (graphical user interface) & packaged into a single .exe file

in 2014, I’ ve written a Python image crawler for a specific website Cure WorldCosplay,  a website that attracts cosplayers  all over the world post their own pictures . Which has about 10k active members and up to 10 million pictures posted.  

The pros is the program is packaged into a single executable file, no programming environment needed. But some virus detection software could report unsafe file.

 Here the program is!     

Click names below for download

With interface

Without interface

Theoretically, if you have enough disk space, you can download all the pics of that website (about 9800 Gigabyte), the only limit is your bandwidth. I have deployed 36 crawlers on a Linux server at the same time, they download pics 24/7 at the maximum internet bandwidth.


How to use it: